Spicy cucumber side dish

Hello everybody! Today we are going to make simple simple simple easy easy easy but delicious recipe.

We call this oi-muchim. Seasoned cucumber. Korean seasoning we are going to use.

This is like a salad.

With this guy. English cucumber!

I just took it out from my refrigerator and washed.

So still cold and very refreshing.

Just like kimchi making there are a lot of different versions of making this oi-muchim.

But today’s oi-muchim is my favorite. During my gapshida trip a few years ago

Wherever I went I made this.

All of my European and my Asian my readers they love that.

Everybody was surprised how easy it was.

Just like a salad. And then you mix altogether BOOM!

So make a video so short let’s see!

Cut this lengthwise.

Wow very beautiful color, eh? Juicy.

Smells very refreshing. Cucumber.

Cut thinly diagonally.

Onion around quarter cup amount.

Cut this. Like this.

And then add this here.

One green onion.

Chop it up.

Then we need garlic.

Cutting is done.

And then we need to add some seasoning here.

Lets start with soy sauce.

I’m going to use two tablespoons soy sauce.


Korean hot pepper flakes. Two teaspoons

We love two!

This is sesame oil two teaspoons. One two.

Sesame seeds. Two teaspoons.

This is optional but I use one teaspoon sugar

Doesn’t it look great?

Let’s mix!

Very pretty and shiny.

So keep mixing until the sugar is well dissolved.

Very good.


You can make this easily like this. You have some Korean ingredients at home and have one cucumber

in the refrigerator. Just slice this and mix this that’s it.

So it smells so good, everybody loves this!

Sesame oil smells really good.

Let me taste it!



Crispy cucumber, sweet, a little salty and a lot of sesame oil and garlicy

This is my favority cucumber side dish.

When you prepare barbecue this is going to be perfect side dish

because just a little spicy kick

Everybody will love it. So you will get a lot of compliments.

Enjoy my recipe! see you next time! Bye!