Potatoes and Steak on the BBQ

Here is cool way to cook potatoes.

We’re cooking up some potatoes and steak at the pit and its really easy to do. We start with some potatoes which can be any kind, but I find Russet works about the best. They tend to be elongated and as you will see that works great for this cooking technique.

You want cut the ends off so they will sit flat in the black iron pan. Then just slice down the side to take the skin off.

If you’ve never had this style it before you definitely gotta check this out. This is five-star restaurant style and it’s about a hundred year old technique maybe even more. And it costs a fortune when eating out, but is easy to do your self.

Check out the video and learn for yourself. Then impress your family or friends at your next Steak and Potatoe back-yard grilling get-together.

You will not be disappointed.