Pecan Pie Recipe

Alright so we need a few things here – we’ve got some pecans eggs sugar, butter, some bourbon and then this recipe calls for dark karo syrup. I don’t really use a lot of corn syrup so i’m actually substituting some sorghum molasses which is made from the grass not made from sugarcane like regular molasses. If you want to use dark karo syrup that’s fine – or molasses that maybe would be a little bit too strong of molasses taste but it’s up to you. If you love molasses go for it.
All right the first thing to do is toast up the pecans in a couple tablespoons of butter. So that’s going to take a couple of minutes to get toasty and while that’s happening I’m going to start mixing up the rest of my ingredients.

Follow along with the rest of the video and you will have a dynamite Pecan Pie you will be proud to take to your mother in laws for Thanksgiving dinner!