Korean spicy chicken with cheese

Today, we are going to make something spicy. Korean spicy spicy chicken. It’s called buldak. “Bul” means “fire”, “dak” means “chicken”.

We are going to use chicken breast, but we are not going to fry. So it’s going to be spicy, spicy
but healthy and delicious, of course.
Let’s make delicious spicy paste first. Hot pepper flakes, 1/2 cup. If this is too spicy for you, use less hot pepper flakes. Then, hot pepper paste, gochujang. Let’s use around two tablespoon. One tablespoon soy sauce. Cooking oil, two tablespoons. Ground black pepper, about 1/2 teaspoon. And then this is rice syrup. The rice syrup makes it sweet and also shiny. We will use 1/3 cup. And then, we are going to add garlic and ginger. Six large garlic cloves, minced. And ginger, around two teaspoon.

It should be really garlicky, with a ginger taste. Chop the green onion. Later, I’m going to sprinkle over the top.

Keep watching and taking notes, becuase if you like spicy food, this is a MUST have recipe for your kitchen.