How To Make The Best Peach Cobbler

Today we’re going to make homemade peach cobbler. Ingredients are going to include pie crusts from your local grocery store whichever one you choose that was on sale, white suga,r brown sugar, vanilla, syrup, cinnamon, butter and of course peaches. So you’re going to start with the peaches in a pot which are heated at medium low. I’m going to add the syrup and that’s optional. Then I’ll add about 3 tablespoons of white sugar then about three tablespoons of brown sugar. Add about a splash of vanilla and lastly add cinnamon. So now you’re just going to take any size pan you want, I use the eight by 11 inch pan and then you’re just going to place the crust into the pan and press it down into your corners to make sure that it’s even. Now go back and stir the peaches and just check on them normally and once it starts to boil is when you will get ready to place them in the pan.

Follow along with the video and enjoy one of the best peach cobblers you have ever had.