How To Make Migas

Migas is actually a dish well-known in several different countries – but is significantly different depending on which origon you are talking about. This is a south American recipe which is totally different than the Spanish and Portuguese Migas. Try those sometime also for a taste of a different culture.

From Wikipidia:
Migas (“crumbs” in English) is the name used for a dish in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine and a significantly different dish in Tex-Mex cuisine.
Migas is a traditional dish in Spanish cuisine. Originally a breakfast dish that made use of leftover bread or tortas, today migas is a fashionable first course served for lunch and dinner in restaurants in Spain.
Migas is also a traditional dish in Portuguese cuisine. They are usually made with leftover bread, either wheat bread traditionally associated with the Alentejo region in Southern Portugal, or corn bread as used in Beira. In Alentejo migas can also be made with potatoes (Migas de Batata) and no bread is included.

Learn more about the origons of Migas at Wikipidia.

But in the mean time check out the video above for a stupendous Mexican Migas Recipe.