Chipotle Honey Spare Ribs

Today we’re cooking up some honey chipotle spare ribs at the pit, and it’s real easy to do. Alright, today we’re using St. Louis style pork spare ribs. You’ve seen these before, right? Now, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get this pit barrel cooker fired up here.
Now let’s prep these ribs. And there’s not much to do. First thing we’re gonna do, we’re gonna take these hooks, and we’re gonna grab the third bone in, right. And we’ll just hook ’em just like that, kinda simple. And now we’re gonna season the ribs, just a bit. We’ve got some SPG, you can set this up the way you want. You can use your own rub, do it overnight, whatever you want. We’re just gonna keep it real simple. We’re not even scoring or removing the membrane on the back. That’s called pit master privilege. It’ll come out real good. Now we’re gonna be hanging these ribs on these rebar. Alright our smoker is at about 250 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect, and we’re just gonna hang these ribs, just like that.

Now, put the cover on. You’re gonna adjust the vent depending upon the altitude you’re at, we’re gonna use about one quarter open. Now, it’s all about the honey chipotle sauce here, and let me show you how we’re gonna do that.
Keep watching for the rest of this amazing ribs recipe.