Gluten Free Shepherds Pie

The first thing we want to do is add all of our liquids to the base starting with a half cup of organic low sodium veggie broth. Next we have an eighth cup of organic dry white wine the alcohol cooks out completely and it leaves that nice dynamic floral aftertaste. Now to add a nice creaminess to our sauce for our shepherd’s pie we want to go ahead and add 3 tablespoons of unsweetened coconut milk. Now next up for additional creaminess and nutrients we have an eighth cup of sunflower seeds that have been paired with a half cup of filtered water. Next up for additional flavor and thickness I’m going to be adding a combination of one teaspoon of arrowroot powder along with an a teaspoon of coriander in a teaspoon of white pepper and then lastly for a really nice savory flavor and a great salt balance we’ve got some chickpea miso….
Check out the video for detailed instructions.