Cauliflower Steak

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it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m making aMary special dinner

for a very special somebody of coursethat’s plant based in being in england


really make this any night of the weekbut I’m gonna beef it up

for months main squeeze let’s go making

the do at this point people are prettymuch telling

everything a super friend my head seabed

table superfit but

pollard actually are see preparedthey’re packed with antioxidants and

vitamin C

just turned against us and they’re gonnabe great for this content

all know what’s on the menu me

and you okay

so first we’re gonna make a steak

but don’t worry it’s not just a kissthinking I have we’re gonna make eyes

out of color flower

the holdup really well in the then it’sreally substantial and

some seek really take a bite out of itand feel like you’re

sinking your teeth into something and

comes in this nice purple color which ithink is cute for Valentine’s Day

to start of we’re gonna just cut arecauliflower

from the top through the centre tocreate to you

little stakes right here it’s gonna beabout one inch for each of them


there’s one steak so as you can see Ididn’t take the bottom of 1st

because the stem is really helping tokeep it together all in one nice thick


we’ve got one

their second on at stake number two

we’re just gonna set these aside for aminute well the move on to making our

mashed potatoes

which is also surprise purple colouredwe’re gonna make

these out on the floor it’s that kind ofcame off the side which is awesome

because we getting into the whole

head of cauliflower I just picked upeven the smaller florets

and put them straight into despot the

abuse left little bit I’m here

and then this is just a mixed a coconutmilk

just from a can and water this is

some really great alternative to usingdairy and now it’s time to keep this up

its wanna give it a couple stirs

make sure all the cauliflower issubmerged


good okay so this has been going about10 minutes or so

it’s nice and softened up I’m just gonnaplay that a few to time and put them in

this bowl of

you can see the caller’s really absorbeda lot on this likely its

super soft the caller has lightened up abit

okay so in a turn the heat off and justleave this liquid here company is a

little bit ovett

once we start mixing now let’s take thisover the food processor

almond give this a quick

allotment up

souter to get broken up now I’m justgonna add a little bit have this cooking


group time burn myself all the time

anywhere from like a quarter cup to ahalf cup

thats usually what I get the just seehow much you want

you just want it to be the consistency%uh mashed potatoes

Sam I’m also gonna throw in a little bitof salt

tiny bit heifer and just a little bit ofcoconut oil

good ham

let this blatant ways

me down the sides just a day trip

given another blitz


hope and this looks

great ramble

it’s smooth and creamy

and purple what more can you

ass for okay but get a little bit cleanup I’m a mess

and loved it going on the specs and


just have to throw some oil on are castiron

lolol that came out est ok

this the to spar

sorry to visit to this month so

is a two-part process or actually justgot a brown

the cauliflower steaks on the skilletand I’m gonna take the whole skillet and

put it in the oven so I guess hope

all the way through so just make surethat your skillet is unsafe

you don’t end up with the rubber puddle

just gonna be a couple minutes on eachside


sales of stuff and they’re nice andbrown get the



how to read well these are finishing upin the event

let’s make a quick pomegranate grammlatta we are just gonna

put a buncha pomegranates on the small

I and madly in love with pomegranates my

dad planted a tree for me and both mysisters and we’re a little and mines

pomegranate and I would sit under it eatlike

hand giant busted open pomegranate allin one sitting

I really love province what

okay that walk down memory lane

an hour also gonna and some pine nutsthen

or add some broad-based re-elect

I’m can add an a little bit a choppedmint

this already smells and looks I’m easing

have a little lemon zest on here using

have a microplane image side now

you want to make sure you don’t juststay in one place lawyers testing are

you just gonna get the white part thepith

and thats more better so make sure yourmove there around on the lamina

and just kind of Grey’s it down grimedon’t grant her

now manic at this very same lemon inhalf

and squeeze some juice on here

I read now it’s just mix it up a littlebit colors like

really AST are at at this is down

let’s go get our stake center theyhaven’t played all the stuff

I A you look great

get a good hearty serving out

mashed potatoes let’s get one of these

stakes ernie and


iraq a we are all downturn

steak and mashed potatoes basically

just different Simon & Co

share this with my one true love well

happy Valentine’s Day

your home well

the mmm

d like it

things pretty good well

I’m merger feelings hey guys

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