Beef Brisket

Today we’re gonna do ourselves a spring beef brisket. All you have to do is trim it up, we’re not gonna show you how to do that right now. We’re gonna do an old classic style of setting up this brisket, no fancy rubs,we’re just using S-P-G, agood amount of garlic, pepper and salt both sides. Now we’re just gonna take it and throw this on a water smoker here. And this is gonna take us maybe eight hours or more. We wanna shoot for an internal temperature of 195 degrees Fahrenheit and then we’ll pull it off the grill.
In the meantime we just kick back and wait.
And in the miracle of time, about four hours has gone by, what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna take this brisket off the smoker and we’re gonna wrap it. Some call this the Texas cheek. Now this is gonna guarantee real moist brisket. Just gonna wrap it. Add some moisture, we’re gonna use beer.
Now that the Brisket has been wrapped, we’re gonna throw it right back on the smoker, it’s gonna take another four hours.

Watch the restof the video – and then enjoy some of the best Brisket you have ever tasted!!